Famous Film Kitchens

With enviable set-budgets and the opportunity to let imaginations run wild, kitchens in films can provide some truly incredible inspiration. We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite aspirational on-screen designs., spanning from the rustic to the professional.

Sabrina (1954)
A well-loved classic, starring Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart, ‘Sabrina’ features a generously proportioned and beautifully bright mid-century service kitchen. Run by the servants of the household, it bridges the space between a domestic and commercial space. Whilst the high ceilings, multiple cookers and hanging cookware give it the functionality required to cater for large parties, it also has a large, homey kitchen table to seat the staff for communal breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

[image source: greatkitchensinfilm.blogspot.co.uk/2012/01/sabrina-1954.html]

Practical Magic (1998)
Set in New England, this enchanting tale of sorcery is home to a truly bewitching kitchen. The epitome of rustic charm, the kitchen is filled to the brim with elegant English-style glass-fronted cabinetry, glossy tiles and plenty of dark wood flooring and furniture. Featuring a long central wooden table – perfect for potion preparation, the focal point of the room is a beautiful cream-coloured Aga stove, designed to host a bubbling cauldron.

[image source: http://betweennapsontheporch.net/practical-magic-tour-this-beautiful-victorian-movie-house/]

Chocolat (2000)
This romantic-comedy is based in a tiny, countryside French town and the kitchen of the controversial chocolaterie reflects its rural roots. Clearly a working kitchen, the large expanse of space is dominated by a huge, wooden farm-style table used as the base for chocolate crafting. Practicality and functionality shape this kitchen, with easy-to-clean terracotta tiles and plenty of open-shelving for accessibility.

[image source: https://food52.com/blog/15644-13-of-the-best-movie-set-kitchens-of-all-time]

Ratatouille (2007)
A film centered around an aspiring chef is bound to have an incredible kitchen, and Ratatouille doesn’t disappoint. Based in the bustling city of Paris, this is a commercial kitchen of dreams. Saturated with French sophistication, it’s filled with a myriad of metallics, from the gold accents to the copper pots, to the silver kitchen tools. With classic square black and white tile flooring, six-burner hobs as far as the eye can see and acres of prep space, it exudes professional kitchen practicality.

[image source: https://www.ronenbekerman.com/making-of-ratatouille-kitchen/]

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