Kitchen Trends 2018

As 2017 draws to a close, we’re already looking ahead 2018’s hottest kitchen trends to make sure that the heart of your home remains stylish and sophisticated, as we enter into the new year.

Green fingers
Hot on the heels of 2017’s Pantone colour of the year, ‘Greenery’, is a trend for bringing the outside, inside – literally. Arguably one of the easiest trends to adopt, introducing little pockets of plants into your kitchen adds colour, freshness and an organic tranquillity. They add a much-welcomed natural touch, creating warmth in a sometimes clinical or utilitarian space. Keep it purely practical by choosing some of your favourite herbs for ultra-easy meal prep – hang pots from wall hooks, sit on windowsills or display on open shelving.

Warm neutrals
Neutrals have received the heat treatment, with warmer shades making a firm-footed return onto the kitchen colour scene. 2018’s palette is inspired by muted colours found in nature, but which still pack a quiet punch – think oak, petrol-green, charcoal and sage. Complement subtler shades with bolder hues, such as burnt orange, navy, terracotta and saffron yellow for a striking contrast.

Material mix-up
As long-lasting as its name, designers have continued their crush on concrete as we head into 2018. Appearing as understated accents, sinks or even kitchen accessories, advances in material manipulation means that shades of grey aren’t your only colour option, with concrete available in pastel shades. Mix and match with another on-trend material, such as timber, to create warmth and interest.

In fact, mingling materials remains a key trend in 2018, perfect for those who like creating varied compositions of colour, texture and finish. Add a touch of luxe with a hint of metallics – gold, bronze and copper are still on the agenda, but brass is set to outshine them all.

Get smart
As homeowners get savvier and smarter, so does kitchen technology. Smart appliances are poised to enter the mainstream, connected to the Internet of Things for streamlined and stress-free lifestyles. Say hello to fridges with in-built cameras for those ‘do-we-have-milk’ moments, and ovens you can switch on with your smartphone. And, tapping into the 21st century trend of ultra-convenience, manufacturers are producing taps which produce multiple different beverages, instantly! From boiling water to carbonated h2o, to coffee, cappuccinos and juice – surely wine is next?

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