The Three Hottest Kitchen Trends Right Now

The kitchen has firmly rooted itself as the centre of all hubbub and heart in the home. No longer is it a place just for cooking; it has now become a multi-functional environment, also playing host to social gatherings, meals, and relaxation alongside making meals.

Homeowners have started to see a kitchen as a serious investment, either adding value to their lifestyles or the price of their home. Either way, it’s worth spending time updating your kitchen to create a space you’ll truly love. Trends many come and go, but we’ve rounded up the three hottest styles of 2017 that will stand the test of time.

With its earthy warmth, wood ties in effortlessly to 2017’s broader interior design trend of ‘natural texture’. Eternally stylish, resolutely sturdy and versatile, it’s a classic material of choice in both traditional and contemporary kitchens alike and guaranteed to liven up your kitchen. If you want to start small, wooden furniture and accessories are a subtle way to tap into the timber trend. This works especially well with monochrome kitchens, introducing texture and depth to create and ambience of cosiness.

If you prefer to approach the timber trend full-on, think big! An expanse of textured grain provides a gentler aesthetic to the overall look of a kitchen, which helps to soften the sometimes too-hard lines of a more modern design. Wooden worktops and islands work well, bringing an element of the outdoors in with style. If you’re after an even bolder visual, timber feature walls are show-stopping choice.

This trend is one that first surfaced in the 1970s, and is making a strong comeback in 2017. The sleek profile characteristic guarantees that this one style which classic than craze. To complement a contemporary kitchen, homeowners often favour clutter-free worktops and clean lines for a seamless finish, Handleless furniture combines a minimalist look with fuss-free practicality. This design trick works especially well in smaller kitchens, where there is a need to maximise the space, both visually and physically.

Rather than being ‘truly handleless’, handles are often cleverly concealed into the door; from hidden hinges, to finger-pulls notched out of the door edges, or the latest push-press-open systems to doors and drawers. A recessed handle, gives the subtle style of a handleless kitchen without losing any of the practicality. If you’re willing to splash the cash, you can install drawers and doors that open automatically using a mechanical drive, either by pushing lightly on the surface or pressing a button to make the door retract.

The popularity of painted kitchens is gaining ground in 2017, with the design choice boasting the versatility and ability pick from the entirety of colour spectrum, to create your dream kitchen. With a simple lick of paint, your kitchen can be home to the latest colour of the moment, keeping you top of the trends. This year, a transition to the dark side has seen a rise in monochrome, greys and darker hues. If you prefer a brighter aesthetic colours, trying teaming duskier shades with the on-trend colours of denim blue or greenery.

Finish off your kitchen with the appropriate…finish! Although gloss presents a pretty option, with its light-reflecting properties, matte is the go-to painted finish in 2017. It provides a subtler aesthetic to create a softer look which is the perfect match for both contemporary and traditional kitchens. And, practically speaking, it offers a durable and long-lasting finish which is easy to wipe clean.

Or, why not have the best of both worlds? Glossy and matte finishes complement each other beautifully, giving a subtle contrast between textures and creating a balanced, modern kitchen.

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